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What my box of happiness has…

The person who said ‘money can’t buy happiness’ has neither ordered a box of pizza nor a tin of charcoal pencils. Both being my favorite, I would recommend the latter for a happy mind without putting on weight.  It was a couple of years ago, that creative hands delivered this ‘box of happiness’ at my office.  And ever since, the charcoals have never let me down.

The Daler- Rowney Charcoal Tin

For beginners like us, who love sketching but is afraid to use charcoal as a medium, we have Daler -Rowney (DR) charcoal Tin for help. A set of Daler-Rowney charcoal Tin consists of an assortment of charcoal pencils and the other necessary stationary. The tin contains Charcoal Pencils x 3, Graphite Pencils x 2, Woodless Pencil x 1, Kneaded Eraser x 1, Paper Blending Sticks x 2, helping us to create a perfect piece from sketching until shading. The charcoal sticks, also known as the ‘Vine Charcoal’ are labelled as ‘soft’ and ‘medium’ for the convenience of the user. The pencils and the charcoal sticks glide through the paper very smoothly.

The pencils and Vine charcoal in the DR Tin

We have already learnt more about pencils from the previous post- “Excuse me, do you have a pencil?” And so, we quickly look into the other elements in the tin. The most impressive element present in the DR charcoal Tin is the kneaded eraser. This can be manipulated into any shape as required to erase and can also be used as a smudging tool. As for the paper blending sticks, they are majorly used to create shadow effects and to blend the charcoal with the paper.

Bottom line:  the DR Tin is an awesome ‘must have’ sketching kit for every beginner who has been inspired by Charcoals.

Please note that the pencils in such artist kits should be sharpened only using a sand paper or blade



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  1. ava

    I love your blog. Drawing and sketching has always been the best way for me relieve stress

  2. Daniella

    Great read! I find myself doodling in times of stress or boredom. After reading this I will have to switch from pen to a fresh charcoal pencil.

  3. Shelley Schaubel

    I wish I could draw. On my bucket list when I retire I am going to take painting lessons. Glad you have a happy place like me (garden centre) everyone should have one.

    • prajasekar

      Awesome Shelley! you will do great self-taught also! I am sure 🙂

  4. Great read! I have a habit of drawing with the pencil whenever I am stressed or if I need to solve some serious problem. Also, it helps to concentrate.

    I really like your blog, it is very detailed and professional.

  5. Very innovative and educational post..Interesting reading I can say..

  6. Navi Singh

    I love drawing but i always use an ordinary pencil to draw. Thanks for sharing about the charcoal pencils. Love the blog.

  7. Ryan Huckla

    My sister is a little artist in training, I bet she would be very interested in this. With her birthday coming up in a month this blog helped came at the right time.

  8. Krutika Parab

    Cool kid! I m bad at sketching and drawing but after reading this post I feel like buying a charcoal pencil and try to draw or at least scribe something. Keep writing!

  9. Rebecca

    Wow! I’m so impressed, I would love to see more of your drawings! My parents enrolled me in painting classes growing up and there really is nothing like getting a new set of paints and brushes, so relaxing. I’ve only done charcoal a few times, but I always felt that I was a bit messy with it.

    • prajasekar

      Wow! I finally meet someone who has attempted charcoal! Awesome 🙂 and Thank you Rebecca!

  10. Ahhh Poornima you make me want this so baaad. I love using any kind of new medium I possibly can just to see if I like it and charcoal has always been on my list. I will keep this post in mind when I go to get supplies!

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