My name is Poornima Rajasekar and I am a Public Relations practitioner. Born and brought up in an Indian family with a Finance background, I chose to break the monotony. The field of communications always interested me and motivated me to choose the niche lane.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the Madras University (India) and a MBA in Communications Management, specialized in Brand Communications from the Symbiosis International University (India), I have a short but a thorough hands-on experience of 15-months at Bosch India, including reputation management, media relations, and internal communications and branding.

Later, I moved to Canada, to pursue my Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations in Niagara College, getting a step closer to my dream.

As a communications person, I have always felt that sketches have a hidden message to convey. It could be as simple as line or a scenic landscape, every piece of art communicates a message and a perspective.

I believe that sketching my ideas helps me communicate my thoughts and ideas in a clear and a better manner. To me, every sketch is just a piece that helps to express myself and channel my emotions.

Exploring different techniques to produce unique pieces based on real life and from my own imagination is my favorite get away.

Apart from sketching, I love talking to people and they love talking to me too! Coffee is not a want but a need in my life! I believe that earning people’s trust is an awesome experience and growing from a rejection is a part of the game.

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