Ever wondered why you tend to scribble or draw random shapes during your class hours / serious meetings, yet you would be able to participate in the discussion? Is that a sign of us being an abnormal individual? No! That’s the ‘real you’ getting inspired.

Happiness is doodling during meetings

Sketching is the primary way our brain captures, explores, and communicates an idea. Sometimes, it can also be a powerful problem-solving tool. The idea could be abstract, but gradually you will find yourself decoding the intention of your sketches and come up with an answer. But guess what? All this happens inside our brain within matter of seconds!

What’s happening in our head?

We keep listening to or looking at the elements in our environment and the ‘doodling’ moment occurs! We get inspired in a jiffy and our brain processes it into an idea and your hands tend to draw a shape, it could even be a line that you are striking over and over! At this point, we tend to think about the concepts that are impractical, which is known as ‘visual thinking.‘ This helps us come up with better alternatives during the discussion. In other words, sketching is just a reaction, like biting nails, You see, you think and get sparked and react.

We are not an artist, yet we sketch

Each one of us have an artist in us, but we seldom realize that. We have sketching, integrated in our daily life without our own knowledge. Just think! Don’t you remember drawing a road map for someone who asked you for the route to a certain destination? Weren’t you satisfied after ‘drawing’ the map for them? That’s the emotion a professional artist feels after his/ her last stroke on the paper.

Keep calm and keep sketching

So take time, give yourself some freedom and keep sketching!